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Ever seen old wood floors completely refinished?  What a difference it can make to the look of a room.  Furniture is no different than flooring when it comes to beauty potential.  When we refinish a piece of furniture, we begin by stripping all of the old finish or paint.  Next, the wood is sanded to absolute perfection.  At this point, the piece an be stained in the shade preferred to complement the room where it will be placed.  After staining, lacquer finish will be sprayed on in multiple coats.  The finished product may simply amaze you.  That’s one of the unique characteristics of wood.  It can always be sanded down to a layer that has never seen light.  A perfect marriage of grain and fiber, just waiting for the richness of color and a protective finish.

Lauer furniture refinishes all sorts of furniture pieces and your amazement is guaranteed with each job.  We serve Maryland, Virginia and surrounding areas.  If you have old furniture that you’d like to see in a totally new light, contact us today to schedule a pickup.