Found on the side of the road!

It amazes me when I think of the amount of trash we humans produce on a daily basis.  Milk jugs, soda cans, paper towels, empty cereal boxes – you name it.  Luckily for the planet, we have the option to recycle.  Speaking of trash and recycling, I was driving down the road when I drove past this wonderful oak coffee table.  It was on the side of the road in the rain and had the leg broken off of it.  I’m just glad the owners didn’t cut it up and use it for firewood!  I quickly loaded it up.

Once I got it back to the shop, I had an opportunity to fully assess the damage.  One of the legs was completely broken off and the other three legs were about 50% broken off.  In addition to that, parts of the apron(the flat wood that butts against top and runs around the table) were missing/broken – that is to say that this table needed some wood added to make it whole again.  After the repairs, the table needed to be stripped and refinished.

This table was constructed in the 1930’s from quartersawn oak.  As Jim said, “The things people throw away…”


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