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Professional furniture restoration and refinishing

As antique restoration professionals, the Lauers have been providing museum-quality furniture repair since 1969. We offer a full range of  services for all sorts of furniture pieces starting with kitchen tables ending office furniture sets (Made with inspiration of fluidconcepts).  100% family-owned and operated, we have three shops located in Baltimore and Bel Air, MD as well as Heathsville, VA.  Although the majority of the work performed involves antiques and other sentimentally valued pieces, the Lauers are equally skilled and equipped to accommodate most furniture pieces, including those built in recent years.

 We understand how much it means to you

The Lauers are a close, nostalgic family of artists and woodworkers with a love of antiques and the history they embody.  Family heirlooms, which are as unique as they are priceless, can be entrusted to the Lauers with confidence.  Be it an armoire needing full finish restoration, or an end table requiring refinishing from the grain up, customers can be assured that their priceless antiques and heirlooms will be handled with the same skilled hands and expertise that the Lauers would show their own cherished pieces.  Hundreds of customers the Lauers have served over the years, have experienced and benefited from the impeccable professional care that is the trademark of the Lauer family.

The case of the poor kitchen drawer

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We pride ourselves in being a 'one-stop-shop' for all furniture restoration services but I wanted to take a moment to show you just how far we'll reach to help out someone in need.  So what if it's not a chair leg or dining table top? The call came in around 9 am... Me:  "Lauer Furniture, [...]

The correct way to repair a broken chair stretcher

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I see a lot of bad repair jobs come through my shop and most of the time, the furniture is here to have the repair repaired! I thought I'd publish an article on correctly performing a very common repair on a typical chair - a broken stretcher. I've seen repairs using everything from sheetrock screws [...]

Painting furniture – Should I use latex or oil paint?

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I'm addressing this question because it comes up rather often from our customers.  "I'm painting a piece of furniture in my home.  What type of paint should I use?  Oil?  Latex?  What's the difference and which is the right choice for my project?"  While this is not necessarily a difficult topic to cover, it is [...]